Our Best Tips for Selling on eBay Revealed!

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*Updated on April 2019

This has been a huge year of growth for the CrazyLister community. Here are the most popular tips for selling on eBay we’ve shared.

In 2018, more than 700,000 eBay sellers visited this blog –

crazylister blog visitors

crazylister blog visitors

As we share our journey from 0 to $100K a month on eBay, we focus on making every post interesting, valuable and actionable for any seller who reads it. And we’ve published every single week since we launched this blog. There are over 100 blog posts to date, each containing at least a couple tips for selling on eBay successfully.

Naturally, some posts rise above the rest in traffic, engagement and shares – which indicates their highly valuable content.

Those posts are below. If you haven’t been following along all year, I hope that this post serves as a helpful summary, to grasp some of the most important lessons we’ve shared.
This is a must read for every eBay seller, whether you are a beginner or 10-year seller, if you implement just a few of the below eBay selling tips you will see huge impact on your eBay sale.

Best Tips for Selling on eBay – our complete list

1. 5 Beginner Mistakes That Kill eBay Businesses in Their First Year

When Max and I were already making a decent income on eBay, we shared all of our knowledge and experience with two of our friends – 2 months later, they gave up and never got back on eBay again. The mistakes they made are very common for new businesses on eBay, only a few overcome them and manage to build a successful and profitable eBay business.

2. eBay Active Content Ban – What Does it Mean For You?

Everything you need to know about eBay’s active content policy, how it affects you as a seller and what should you do to be 100% compliant with eBay’s policies.

3. Best things to sell on eBay

There is a fundamental difference between the best things you can sell on eBay to the top-selling items on eBay (the next one in our list).

Usually, the top-selling items are NOT the items you would want to sell on eBay! The top-selling items are the ones with most competition which leads to savage price wars and often drive the smaller sellers out of business.
In the post about the best things to sell on eBay, we share proven methods to find products you actually have a high chance of selling, thus growing your eBay business consistently.
These methods are probably one of the best eBay tips we could give for those who are just starting out and don’t have money to spend on sourcing software.

4. Top selling items on eBay


As I mentioned above, there is a huge difference between this post and the “best things to sell” post. In this post, we share the most selling items on eBay in various categories. If you ever wondered what the top-selling items on eBay are, this is the post for you.

5. How This eBay Seller Went From Zero to $250K in Just Three Months


When this seller’s eBay account got suspended, he could have easily quit, instead, he took his eBay business to $250k in sales.

6. 10 Email Scripts We Used to Grow Our eBay Business (For You to Steal)


These email templates played a major role in growing our eBay business to over $100k / month, and now they’re yours.

7. Actionable Insights to Increase Sales – Acquired From Analyzing 130,000 eBay listings


We analyzed the conversion rates of 130,000 eBay listings created by 6,000 CrazyLister users. This post shares the best practices sellers use to increase their chances of selling.

8. Anatomy of a high-converting eBay listing design


In this post – Etienne (a professional eBay template designer and a veteran seller) is sharing effective eBay listing design insights he learned from the 100’s of projects he worked on.

9. How We Doubled Our eBay Business, Listing on Local eBay Sites


This post is dedicated to one of the easiest, yet often overlooked methods for growing an eBay business – selling on local eBay sites.


What were your favorite posts of the year?

Not just here, but from anywhere around the web. Share your favorites in the comments below.

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