How This eBay Seller Went From Zero to $250K in Just Three Months

You will fail. Take it as a fact – failure is a natural part of the path to success.
The question is what do you do when things go south?

When this seller’s eBay account got suspended, he could have easily quit, instead he took his eBay business to $250k in sales. This is one of the most amazing eBay success stories we’ve heard recently.

This blog’s goal is straight and simple – Provide actionable advice to help you increase your eBay sales.

Every week, I’m sharing tactics and insights from our own experience, as well as what we learn from CrazyLister users. But building a successful, sustainable eBay business requires more than tactics. Just like any other business – it requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears until you begin to see signs of success.

When you’re down, on the verge of quitting – remember that success is saved for the stubborn, persistent, those who are obsessively focused on succeeding, and will not take “no” for an answer.

This post is an email correspondence between a CrazyLister user – Dennis Glazov, and myself.
I found it highly inspiring, and therefore am sharing it – hoping this success story will inspire you too, giving you the strength to keep pushing forward when things get tough.

*For the sake of authenticity this correspondence didn’t go through proof-reading, so please forgive any mistakes.

A few weeks back I’ve got an email with the subject: Our story and how you’ve you helped! 
here is what i found inside…


Dennis your’e the man!
This kind of feedback is what makes all the sweat and blood worth it all 🙂
I have showed it to all of our team – you made our day!
I will definitely devote a blog post to your success story, as it’s AWESOME! and inspiring!
Can you please send me some photos of you / your team / your physical store – this will make it much more “real”.
As to Vero – these emails usually contain contact details to whomever is authorized to discuss the issue for the right owners behalf. Contact them to settle this, send them recipients showing that the equipment is original etc…


Hey Victor! it’s AWESOME to actually get a reply and we are all thrilled about our blog post coming up. This week around Tues. or Wed. we will make sure to take some pictures of us packing eBay orders and hustling and bustling at work. To be honest I told everyone to wear a dress shirt and jeans for the “photoshoot” but our company is very laid back and everyone wears jeans and hoodies. I don’t know if you wanna capture the professional look or the REAL REAL deal of who we are but in any case let me know. Thanks again so much for responding and I’m glad your team felt good to get our feedback as we owe you guys indefinitely.
Thanks again – Dennis


Only the real deal please! Nothing is stronger than the truth 😉


Wow, super ultra lightning fast reply, lol…. Real deal, you got it. I’ll get pics and files out to you no later than Wednesday, thanks again,


Hey Victor, so so so sorry I’ve been out of touch. My wife gave birth to our second kid last week and I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head. I’ll have my whole staff here tomorrow and will make sure to take some pictures and email them tomorrow afternoon sometime. Sorry again for being MIA and thanks for your time and follow up.


WoW Mazal Tov 🙂 !!!
Thanks for the email buddy and tons of congratulations!


Victor, once again so so sorry for the delay, I finally got the crew together to snap some photos,
So you know the names of everyone, Left To Right, Russell, Alex, Dennis (me), and Kirill . Me and Kirill are the owners and Russell and Alex are the muscle! Don’t know if you’re still planning to do a blog post, but I ask that if you do, please do not include our store name in the post, as we are really really in a cut throat competitive business here in New York with consumer electronics. By the way, we recently went through yet ANOTHER review and had our limits raised again which is good 🙂 I also attached some screenshots the best way I could of our growth since we started using CrazyLister. Thanks again!


I’m definite you will inspire many struggling sellers with your story!
Wanted to express a personal thanks for sharing this with the sellers community!

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