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How to Drive Sales and Traffic Using Pinterest Advertising in 2020

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Much like advertising on Instagram, Pinterest is a very visual platform. In fact, nearly 60% of Pinterest users also use Instagram. There are many similarities between the two platforms from how visual they both are to their young demographic. I would go as far to say that they both belong to what I like to call the ‘millennial advertising sphere’. In this post though we will focus on Pinterest and learn everything you need to…
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Revealing the Top Selling Items on eBay 2020

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Last year we researched eBay’s marketplace to uncover the Top Selling Items on eBay 2019 and their respective categories. We’ve also shared insights about sell through rates, average prices, break down by country and item condition. This post has quickly become our most popular on the CrazyLister blog, providing sellers with actionable insights to decide what to sell on eBay. Today, we’re updating that post and giving you “Top Selling Items on eBay 2020” where we…
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How to Boost eBay Sales: eBay Design tips that will double your sales

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This week you’ll learn how to boost eBay sales with top eBay design tips from Etienne Amion, a professional eBay template designer and a veteran seller. Etienne will be providing awesome eBay design tips for 2020 and beyond! Throughout 2019, I worked with so many great eBay businesses on some awesome projects. With each new template design we created ever more successful, creative eBay designs that convert to sales. If you’re reading this post, can…
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ebay template design

How to Create the Perfect eBay Template Design to Boost Sales in 2019

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This post will discuss ways to create professional eBay template designs and how they earn trust from shoppers by making them think “If this seller invested the time and resources to create a professional template, he probably runs a serious and trustworthy business”. I am sure most eBay sellers understand and agree with this sentiment from personal experience but many sellers are still stuck with the question – How do I create the perfect eBay…
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Adyen Payments: The One and Only Guide You Need to Process Payments on eBay

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eBay’s payment method: Adyen in, Paypal out In January 2018 eBay released the following statement: “eBay has signed an agreement with Adyen, a leading global payments processor, to become its primary payments processing partner. PayPal, a long-time eBay partner, will be a payments option at checkout for eBay buyers.  eBay will complete this process within the parameters of the Operating Agreement with PayPal, which remains in place through mid-2020.” This announcement has raised quite a…
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eBay Guaranteed Delivery: The future of eCommerce or just another marketing trick?

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eBay Guaranteed Delivery is a clear comeback and eBay’s answer to Amazon Prime. People today not only want quick deliveries but they want to be sure that those deliveries will arrive on time – according to eBay, Guaranteed Delivery is the second priority to shoppers after quick delivery time. The move will include roughly 20 million items on eBay, a majority of which will not only be Guaranteed but also offer free shipping. At present…
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eBay Product-based Shopping Experience – Must Read Guide for eBay Sellers

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In its 2018 Spring Seller Update, eBay announced that it’s transitioning their marketplace to a product-based shopping experience where all listings for the same product are grouped together. In the 2018 Fall seller update, eBay revealed the 88 categories for which catalog adoption is required By mid-September (see list below). In this post, I’ll cover everything sellers need to know and do to ensure the shift towards a Product-based shopping experience doesn’t negatively affect your sales.…
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How to Become an eBay Top Rated Seller (Requirements & Benefits)

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It is no secret that it is extremely important for eBay to provide the best customer experience possible. This is due to the fact that there is plenty of competition from other online marketplaces such as Amazon for example. The way in which eBay ensures a top-notch customer experience is by holding its sellers to the highest of standards. This system includes having customers give feedback on eBay to sellers based on their performance as…
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how to sell on eBay

How to Sell on eBay: 49 (Secret) Selling Tips by Seasoned eBay Experts

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In the past three years, we’ve been sharing everything we learned from starting an eBay business with zero cash to grossing over $4.5M in sales and winning eBay awards. This article is the most valuable one we created thus far since you will finally find in one place all the most amazing tips and tricks to learn how to sell on eBay. We will divide these awesome tips into several categories (pricing tips, shipping tips,…
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9 eBay VAs to Grow Your Sales

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There’s no denying how lucrative an ecommerce business can be, which is why it’s not surprising to see a rise in the number of online stores as the years go by. With 168 million buyers on eBay as of March 2018, it’s understandable why business owners would like to sell their products through the platform.    As of this writing, there are 25 million sellers fighting it out for customers’ attention. Though the competition may…
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