10 eBay Email Templates We Used to Grow Our eBay Business (For You to Steal)


These eBay email templates played a major role in growing
our eBay business to over $100k / month,
and now they’re yours.

  • Our best suppliers.
  • Our most loyal customers.
  • Getting out of shitty situations on the verge of bankruptcy.

All of these – rely on getting somebody else to do something…

…they all started with an email or an eBay message.

Naturally emails alone are not enough to meet your best suppliers and win your best customers.

But a laser focused email / message, asking the right thing, from the right person, at the right time – can make a huge difference to your eBay business.

I’m often being asked for email scripts to approach new suppliers, ways to deal with problematic customers, change a negative feedback etc…

Today I’m going to share our best eBay email templates, which have helped us with everything, from acquiring new suppliers, to understanding why our customers choose us to resolving hard situations.

10 eBay Email templates (+scripts) we used to grow our eBay business

Get inspired by the screenshots of the scripts below, or get the word-to-word scripts in a PDF format (That you can copy and paste from) using the form at the bottom of the post.

Supplier email template – how to acquire new suppliers

1) Offering to expand them to international markets

One of the methods we used to get new suppliers was to offer to take their products to international markets while we do all the heavy lifting for them:

  1. Listing items on eBay
  2. Design professional eBay templates
  3. translate listings to multiple eBya markets
  4. Do customer service in a foreign language

AT the end, the supplier would only need to drop ship internationally for us.

We would usually contact suppliers directly via eBay. We were taking advantage of the fact that Sellers tend to answer each and every message they get.

Use this script to offer a successful supplier to expand his business internationally –

Supplier email template we used

Supplier email template we used

Quick tip – use scheduling services like calendly to easily schedule calls, and avoid back and forth emails.


2) Offering to resell their products on eBay

Here is a script you can use to offer suppliers to resell their merchandise on eBay –

eBay Email Templates to resell products

eBay Email Templates to resell products

Try CrazyLister for free! Easily create professional, mobile-optimized eBay listings

3) Scheduling to meet suppliers in an exhibition 

One of the best ways to meet great suppliers is to get out of your comfort zone and meet them in person in exhibitions.

I wrote about how we visit exhibitions in a recent post about finding reliable and awesome dropshipping suppliers.

Every exhibition usually provides a list of exhibitors. Emailing a potential supplier sets the ground for a deeper, friendlier conversation at the exhibition!

At the exhibition:

You – “Hey, I’m Victor from our email correspondence”

Supplier – “Oh yeah! This opportunity really sounds exciting – tell me how it works!”

You get the idea…

email template to approach suppliers

email template to approach suppliers

eBay Email Templates to Win new customers

Building real relationships with you customers is critical for you to grow as a small business. The personal experience you can provide can never be imitated by giants like Amazon or Walmart – this is how you can win customers that care more for professional and personal service than for the absolute lowest prices.

4) Asking customers what made them purchase from you

One of the most important questions you need to answer in order to build a successful business is – “Why do customers choose to buy from you?”

Most businesses just assume – “I have the best prices”, “My listings look great”, “I ship for free”.

We found that the best way to answer this question is to actually ask the customers!

With this eBay message, we kill two birds with one stone – We get valuable info AND we make the customers feel like they’re in good hands.

eBay Email Templates to Win new customers

eBay Email Templates to Win new customers

5) Asking for testimonials

You don’t really need 1000’s of customers feedback to show that you are making customers happy.

One personal, high-quality feedback can make a huge impact on your business.

Take a look at this users feedback about CrazyLister

crazylister customer testimonial

crazylister customer testimonial

Here is a script you can use to ask your customers for a testimonial –

eBay Email Templates to Win testimonials

eBay Email Templates to Win testimonials

6) Asking what you can improve

You should always seek constructive feedback from customers. Directly asking them what you should improve is a great way to get improvement ideas for your business –

eBay Email Templates to improve your service

eBay Email Templates to improve your service

Dealing with “shit hits the fan” situations

Packages getting lost, products arriving damaged, post office going on strike – these are just a few examples of an endless possibility of things that can go wrong in your business (we once lost $20,000 worth of goods in the Chinese post)

By using the right communication, you can not only resolve the situation but actually win loyal customers for your business!

When you resolve a problem for your customer, they will be even happier than just having a smooth transaction with you – they will appreciate your efforts.

7) Resolving a lost / delayed package situation

ebay email templates to resolve delays

ebay email templates to resolve delays

8) Resolving a damaged product situation

eBay works because most people are honest. If you do good – people will do good to you.

And even if some customers scam you, when you look at the big picture – offering an outstanding customer experience will help you grow a sustainable, profitable business.

ebay email templates to resolve damaged goods

ebay email templates to resolve damaged goods

9) Asking to revise a negative feedback

Your reputation is EVERYTHING in eCommerce. You should always prefer keeping a stellar feedback profile rather than keeping a few bucks of profit.

When there is a problem with a transaction, do whatever you can to make it right with the customer – and ask him to revise a negative feedback if he left one for you.

ebay feedback templates

ebay feedback templates

10) When elements that are out of your hands go wrong

I previously wrote about – How our eBay Business Survived Losing $20,000 worth of packages.

This was the result of the Chinese postal service crashing during the Christmas rush.

I know of many businesses which did not survive and folded under the pressure of countless negative feedback and opened PayPal cases.

As soon as we understood the magnitude of the problem, we began proactively communicating with all relevant parties.

Here is what we emailed PayPal to gain some time to stop the flood of 30+ cases opened against us by angry customers –

ebay email templates to save your business

ebay email templates to save your business

As soon as we truly understood what was going on – that the packages were traveling around the world and were to eventually return to our suppliers in China,

We proactively emailed all the customers –

ebay email templates to notify customers

ebay email templates to notify customers

The amazing thing is that nearly 80% of customers preferred us to ship them a new package instead of getting their money back!

Probably because they got the feeling that they were dealing with responsible sellers.

How to apply this to your eBay business?

Feel free to use our scripts word-to-word, or get inspired and compose messages and emails of your own.


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