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How to Increase eBay sales with a Unique Value Proposition – Episode 6


Importance of a Unique Value Proposition

Why is it so crucial to build your unique value proposition on eBay? Let’s see.

Many sellers ask me what should they focus on to increase sales. The first thing I ask is: why would anyone buy from you and not your competitor? What is so special about your business vs the competition? In other words: what is your unique value proposition? If you want to build a reputation, you must develop a unique business identity, something you’re the best in. It can be many things, although I would avoid using phrases like: the fastest shipping, the lowest prices, the best customer support, and the like…they are too easy to copy. Here’s a nice example I found on eBay: a nutrition products seller that promises the world’s most effective results. So, according to him, if you want effective health and beauty products, that’s your ultimate source. A better example would be if you have vast experience or expertise—that can be a great value proposition as it conveys trust and authority.

That’s today’s tip! You’re welcome to leave comments below; I’ll be happy to reply and help you increase sales.

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