How To Sell on eBay – Your Journey to $100K a Month


Welcome to the CrazyLister channel: your knowledgebase for selling on eBay.

I’m Max, your eBay doctor and I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned in starting an eBay business (from scratch) to grossing over $100,000 dollars a month and receiving eBay awards for the highest conversion rates, that’s just a fancy way of saying turning lots of visitors into lots of paying customers.

I’m also the co-author of the blog ‘ebay sellers journey from zero to 100K’ where you can find tons of practical advice for growing your own eBay business.

I want to help you avoid all the mistakes I’ve made so you can grow your sales faster.

This is exactly the channel I wish I’ve had when I started selling on eBay.

And as a small business owner, I know how hectic it can be so all of my videos are short and practical so that you can get back to selling!

So In the next episode, which is already live, we’ll learn how to cut down on customer support.

Thanks for watching, I’d love to have you subscribe to get the weekly ebay selling painkillers and grow your ebay sales.

Take care

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