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eBay Sales Down? Elements You Must Improve in your listing – Part 3: Social proof


Do you know the type of situations when you see a crowd of people and you feel an uncontrolled urge to join them and see the thing they are excited about?
This is exactly what social proof is –
“Put simply, it’s the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something.”
Aileen lee, Founder & Partner @ Cowboy Ventures

77% of online shoppers base their purchase decisions on reviews from other customers” (source: Vocus)
Make it EASY for your customers to reach a positive purchase decision – show them that others have made the decision to buy from you and were happy with it!

eBay Sales Down? Social Proof to the rescue!

Going back to the best eBay description headlines which we discussed last week, here is a listing headline we tried –

ebay listing headline tried by CrazyLister

ebay listing headline

What’s so special about this headline?
The idea is to make the customer feel like they’re part of a big crowd that has already done business with you and was happy about it.

Here are some more ideas you can use to add social proof to your listings and increase your eBay sales –

Brands / companies that purchase from you 

If you see a brand / company / somebody famous that placed an order with you – brag about it to your new potential customers.
Add their logos to your eBay listing, proudly stating that this and that brand chose to do business with you!
It’s a well known practice for startups; this is a great example of social proof –

CrazyEgg social proof

CrazyEgg social proof

Let them see your feedback – you worked hard for it!

I provide one on one coaching and consulting via Clarity, I proudly present the feedback I get from my callers –

Victor Levitin reviews on Clarity

Victor Levitin reviews on Clarity

Potential callers see that they are in a good company and feel confident to schedule a call.
This is exactly the kind of feeling you want your potential customers to feel!

Share your eBay feedback in your listings description –

ebay feedback in a listing description

ebay feedback in a listing description

You can make a snapshot of your feedback using one of the many browser screen capture add-ons such as – Awesome screenshot.

By the way, feedback you have on other channels is great as well! Do you have an Amazon / web store or any other form of feedback from customers? Add it to your eBay listings as social proof!


At CrazyLister ,we redesign our homepage and add testimonials from our customers –

customer testimonial crazylister site

customer testimonial crazylister site

Reach out to your customers and ask them for a testimonial – you’ll be surprised at how many will be glad to help you with one (especially if they feel like you went an extra mile for them!).

These can also be short videos of customers using your product, un-boxing it or whatever…
You can easily add a YouTube video to your eBay listing description with CrazyLister.

Basically – reach out to your customers! You’ll learn a TON about your own business and how to improve and grow it!

Social media

Do you have a Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest etc.. account for your eBay business?
Add snapshots of comments from your happy customers –

Crazylister twitter account comments

Crazylister twitter account comments

It’s a very powerful social proof when you have somebody external to your business vouch for you!
You can use any screen capture add-on to make these snapshots, and CrazyLister to easily add and place these images in your eBay listings.

Social proof with numbers

Do you have 10’s or 100’s of orders on the same listing? That’s AMAZING!
Don’t just trust the customers to see the little indication on eBay –

number of items sold in a specific eBay listing

number of items sold in a specific eBay listing

Add this fact to your listing description, make sure your customers notice that you’ve already sold 10’s or 100’s or 1000’s of these products!
Proudly write something like – “Join over 50 happy customers who have already purchased from us!” Here’s another example:

crazylister users count

crazylister users count

That’s it for this week. Feel free to share your ideas / practices for social proofing by commenting on this post.

Happy selling!

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