eCommerce today is multi channel, these posts will help you increase your sales across multiple channels.
This is a MUST read for any entrepreneur who’s serious about his eCommerce business.

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Amazon Seller Horror Stories – What to look out for when selling on Amazon!

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Amazon to many is the online manifestation of the American dream – a free, all-encompassing marketplace where people can sell their goods and make quick and easy cash and go on to build an ever-growing eCommerce business. People say to themselves: ‘It’s so easy, all I have to do is ship my items into Amazon FBA and they will take care of the rest’. Spoiler alert: just like in a Hollywood movie where things can…
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How to Research Your Competitors (Before they Kill your Business)

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When we just started selling online we were mostly concerned with finding the best products to sell, then finding amazing suppliers to work with. The competition was down the list of our priorities at first, but as the business grew we realized the importance of understanding our competition and it quickly became one of our main priorities. After reading this post, you too will understand why researching your competitors is crucial to your business viability.…
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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Identifiers: SKU, ASIN, EAN

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Most people start selling on Amazon since it is supposed to be a relatively easy way to flip items for cash. But once you start coming across all sorts of acronyms you have never heard of or don’t fully understand, the game starts to seem more challenging. As an Amazon seller, you have most likely come across these three terms: SKU – Stands for Stock Keeping Unit and is a generic industry term used in…
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The Top About Us Pages and How to Make Your Own

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What is an ‘About Us’ page and why is it so important ? The ‘About Us’ page though very typically overlooked is a critical pivot of your eCommerce business, be it an independent website or as part of an online marketplace such as Amazon. The reason why the ‘About Us’ is so crucial is that it is the face of your business, the story behind your product. When you own a bricks & mortar store,…
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South Dakota V. Wayfair and The Future of eCommerce

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This Critical Supreme Court Ruling will Affect Internet Retailers Profits Significantly The recent story of Wayfair Inc. is one which is becoming very commonplace in the U.S. due to the increase of e-shoppers which goes hand in hand with the increase in ‘e-retailers’. The crux of this case pertains to the question: Should out of state retailers who do not have a physical presence in the state they sell in, be obligated to collect and…
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The Future is here with Voice Commerce – everything you need to know about this ever growing trend

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One of the most recent developments in eCommerce is voice commerce which is a technology that both Amazon and Google are both investing in. Amazon has invested in its device dubbed the Echo while Google has come out with Google Home. This technology is quickly catching on and creating a large niche – in the past six months alone voice command technology in general and voice commerce in particular have become the focus for both…
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The Ultimate Amazon Product Description Guide: Copywriting Skills Used by the Pros

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When it comes to writing an Amazon product description, most do-it-yourselfers stumble over the same two hurdles. The first is not knowing the people who will ultimately use the product (your target audience). Second is not understanding how to use words to create a hands-on environment via the Web. Pros who have been trained in expressing the features and benefits of physical products have a few tactics tucked away. They are capable of taking ho-hum…
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selling on amazon tips

14 Essential Selling on Amazon Tips to Grow Sales – Amazon Experts Guide

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Whether you are a new or seasoned seller I am sure that you have invested a lot of time and effort in trying to sell and promote your Amazon listings. In this post I will provide you with my top tips how you can improve your selling strategy on Amazon and really stand out among the competition. Listing title & description most valuable tips #1: Always check your UPC codes – When you list a…
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