eCommerce today is multi channel, these posts will help you increase your sales across multiple channels.
This is a MUST read for any entrepreneur who’s serious about his eCommerce business.

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Top 9 eCommerce Myths – Busted! The Brutal Truth Revealed

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Over the past ten years, numerous people have asked for my guidance to get started selling on eBay. I made it a habit to ask them for their motivation to start an online retail business, and I was amazed by the misconceptions people had about the business of online sales. Most of the times the answer I got to the above question was one of the following: “It’s easy to build a profitable business from…
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Top 10 eCommerce customer service mistakes – Why your current customer support most likely sucks !?

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In this post, I will walk you through: The most common customer service mistakes (these are the main reasons why your customer support most likely sucks): Customer response time Reachability Returns policy The Blame game Social Media Obsessions of a Policymaker Doing the bare minimum Under-training your CS team Never handling customer support issues Brand identity eCommerce customer support best practices: Embracing returns. Apologizing and compensating. Rules are meant to be broken. Ultimately, this post…
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Discover The Top Selling Products on Amazon in 2020

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In the past we researched what the top selling items on eBay were, providing concrete data and actionable insights. Today I would like to do the same for those of you selling on Amazon. Being exposed to which items are top sellers on Amazon and why is very important for any seller to understand in depth. In this post I will share: Best selling items on Amazon at present Past performance of top selling items…
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Amazon SEO Explained: How to Rank Your Products #1 in Amazon Search Results in 2020

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When people come to Amazon they usually have one goal: to purchase a specific product. The only question which remains is: who will they buy it from? If you want the answer to be ‘me’, then you need to understand the basic principles of Amazon’s A9, the algorithm which powers Amazon’s search engine and search results. In this post I will explain: The inner workings of Amazon’s A9 Product listing optimization tactics Paid SEO options…
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How to Optimize Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment

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Most eCommerce sellers start out on one platform, like Amazon or eBay. However, many sellers eventually move to multi-channel sales, regardless of their inventory size. Selling on multiple platforms helps to protect your brand from shutting down completely in the event of account suspensions, a sudden change in rules, or anything else that could go wrong. Having buyers from different platforms is a safeguard against unexpected issues, as well as a boon for growth. Going…
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21 Top Online Marketplaces You Can Actually Make Money on Today

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Most people who sell online are familiar with eBay and Amazon but aren’t there other marketplaces to sell on? If you are reading this article I am sure you are a person who likes to explore what other opportunities exist beyond your so-called ‘four walls’. In 2017, global eCommerce retail sales amounted to $2.3 trillion and the projection is that by 2021 it will reach $4.88 trillion. Shopping on the internet was one of the…
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Retail POS Systems: the One Guide to Choosing the Right POS System

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When looking for a POS or Point of Sale system for your business it is important to purchase it based both on your current operational needs as well as your future expansion plans and goals. POS systems allow you to process sales using a variety of payment methods, be it: Cash Credit Debit And allows you to issue a receipt either electronically or physically. A good POS, will also typically help you with other administrative…
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Amazon Buy Box: The Definitive Guide to Winning the Buy Box

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According to recent numbers, 90% of sales go to Buy Box holders! If you think of that number it is actually insane – that means that a minority of items are generating a majority of income and sales on Amazon, while the rest of us are scrambling for the crumbs ie the 10% of sales left over. Now I don’t know about you but I always like to be on the winning team, the successful…
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8 Revenue-killing eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

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We all make mistakes – that is inherently part of human nature but the question is what preemptive measures can be taken to avoid them. It’s not just a matter of appearances, fallibility in eCommerce can translate into a concrete loss in revenue. That is why I decided to compile the top 7 areas I can advise you on from my own personal experience. The tips that follow are the kinds of things I wish…
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