eBay doctor explains how to write the perfect eBay titles

How To Write the Perfect Titles on eBay – Episode 4



You’re watching this because your titles are sick and aren’t converting, let’s kill this eBay pain!

If I could summarize this tip in one sentence it would be: write for humans, not robots!

At the end of the day humans are the ones searching for your products, think about it: when you’re searching for a product on eBay, do you use words like “amazing” or “wow”? Of course not, no one is looking for an ‘amazing laptop’ or ‘wow camera’: they are often looking for a specific brand and model because they already know it’s amazing and wow: so just show them what they expect to see.  So start with the brand name, the model, size, color and condition. Here’s a great example: this title includes the brand – canon, the model – EOS 5D, a key feature in cameras – 22 MegaPixel, color and condition.

So remember to write titles for humans, not robots.

That’s it for this week’s ebay selling painkiller, next week I’ll show you how to quickly calculate which store format is best for your needs.

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