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How to Price eBay items for maximum profits? – eBay Dcotor, Episode 14

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Hi guys, the pricing tactic I’m going to share with you this week has helped me reach the top eBay search results in one of the most competitive categories on eBay.

While there are many techniques to price your product, I recommend starting with your break even price. It basically means starting with a lower price which will attract more potential customers and from those some will make a purchase, the more recent sales you’ll have the higher you will rank in eBay search results, as this is one of the parameters in eBay’s cassini engine which is responsible for listings rankings.

Once you’ll reach higher rankings, you’ll start getting more traffic to your listing, at this point you should do two things:

  1. Optimize your listing to appear much more attractive – I’ve explained this last time, you can check that tutorial later.
  2. Increase the price to reflect your desired profit.

Your first sales at break even price are acting as a promotional campaign to help you rank higher to get more traffic and generate more sales at a profit.

thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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