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Learn how to sell on eBay successfully with quick video tips by the eBay Doctor – an awards winning merchant who been selling on eBay for over 9 years and won eBay awards for the highest conversion rates.

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ebay doctor how to choose the right store format for your eBay business

How to choose the right eBay store subscription and save money? – Episode 5

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Transcript: Do you really need the store feature on eBay? Let’s find out. Many people think that in order to sell on eBay, you must have your own store. That’s absolutely not true; a store is just nice to have and can save you money depending on your monthly sales volume. There is an easy way to calculate which store type, if any, you need, and it’s called the fee illustrator….let’s check it out. We’ll…
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eBay doctor explains how to write the perfect eBay titles

How To Write the Perfect Titles on eBay – Episode 4

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Transcript: You’re watching this because your titles are sick and aren’t converting, let’s kill this eBay pain! If I could summarize this tip in one sentence it would be: write for humans, not robots! At the end of the day humans are the ones searching for your products, think about it: when you’re searching for a product on eBay, do you use words like “amazing” or “wow”? Of course not, no one is looking for…
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ebay doctor helps you improve listing visibility on eBay

How to improve your eBay listings search results – Episode 3

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Transcript: Low visibility in ebay: let’s kill this pain! No, I’m not gonna tell you about magic tricks to appear in top search results, and I recommend you don’t believe anyone who’s trying to sell you this type of BS. The fact is that improving your visibility in search results is a process, and many elements affect this, some of which are in your control, and others not. The key is to improve just one…
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ebay doctor explains how to provide better customer support on eBay

How to Provide Great Customer Service on eBay – episode 2

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Transcript: Spending too much time on customer support? Let’s kill this pain! It was several years ago, I had two eBay stores and I found myself spending more and more time on answering messages from potential customers. As much as I love promoting sales, it kept me from developing the business, contacting more suppliers, uploading new products to the store and more. I did a simple thing that reduced the time spent on answering messages…
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How To Sell on eBay – Your Journey to $100K a Month

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Transcript: Welcome to the CrazyLister channel: your knowledgebase for selling on eBay. I’m Max, your eBay doctor and I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned in starting an eBay business (from scratch) to grossing over $100,000 dollars a month and receiving eBay awards for the highest conversion rates, that’s just a fancy way of saying turning lots of visitors into lots of paying customers. I’m also the co-author of the blog ‘ebay sellers…
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