How to build your eBay seller reputation

How to build your eBay seller reputation? – eBay Doctor, Episode 12

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Building reputation is key to any business, let’s see how we can do it in eBay.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, with all things being equal, you would rather buy from a seller with a higher percentage of positive feedbacks.

The key to positive feedbacks is providing good buying experience consistently:

Reply buyers inquiries promptly, update when you dispatch their product, provide a tracking number, and follow up a few days later.

This shows you care about them, and it will lead to more positive feedbacks which leads to more sales.

Another great way to build reputation is by using images of your physical store or your team. Take a look at this example, this is a family run business, the image creates an immediate connection as it’s very genuine and their story is one we can all relate to.

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