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Discover How Cassini (The eBay Search Engine) Works and Rank #1

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For eBay sellers, having your listing appear number one in search results is crucial. Buyers tend to click on and buy from the listings which appear first. I’ve written in the past about eBay SEO and shared best practices to appear higher in search results, but I didn’t dive into the nuts and bolts of Cassini – eBay search engine. Similar to Google’s search algorithm, eBay’s search algorithm is kept as a secret to avoid…
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5 eBay Keywords Title Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

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While conducting research for a recent blog post, I stumbled upon many outdated / wrong, yet highly ranked guides for writing “the perfect” eBay keywords for eBay titles. eBay is evolving and moving forward, and so should the sellers. In this post, I’m going to cover the worst mistakes you can make when writing an eBay title. (more…)
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