What are the best products to sell on eBay?


eBay’s list – DON’T FOLLOW IT

eBay actually has a list of its best selling items, which you can find here:

Items in Demand | eBay Seller Center

If you’re looking for what to sell on eBay, your strategy should be finding what items YOU can sell best on eBay, and it’s probably not the items that everyone is looking to sell because those are the items that have the most intense competition and the margins for them will often be lower than others.

Top selling items on eBay guidelines

  • Price range between $150–250 – this will give you enough margin so that you won’t need to sell thousands on items just to make the minimum profit to get by. Don’t sell low cost items for $10 since their margin will be too low.
  • Lightweight – Shipping cost can become a huge factor for heavy products’ sales, especially if you offer express shipping. An express courier will charge $70–100 for a 10kg package to be delivered from China to United States. When you sell a product that costs $150, paying an extra $70 for shipping is a conversion killer.
  • Simple to use – this is very important in terms of returns. When a customer receives a product and is not able to figure out how to use it, then he is likely to return it and you will have to pay the return shipping cost. These costs can pile up and significantly lower your bottom line profit.

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